Monday, 26 November 2012

F'n Period...grrr November 26, 2012 *217

So I started my freakin period this morning! Ug. Feel like crap. Ate some chips today. My theory is you are legally bound to eat junk on your period. If you dont you might kill somebody. So I weighed myself this morning and I came in at 217 and change. Blah.

Went shopping for my birthday present today with my mom. It was back in September, but I could not find or decide what I wanted. Finally decided on an electric fireplace. Went to Walmart and got that and a carpet to put on my living room floor. I also went to the Dollar Store (not really a dollar anymore). I got some candles and candle stuff to put in my new and improved living room. I also started getting Christmas stuff. I am going to decorate this year. I have not for awhile.

I cant put up a Christmas tree, because my huge dog will eat it or knock it over with his deathly tail. I decided to hang my ornaments from the ceiling, I love Christmas lights so I figure I am going to go kind of crazy with that shit too, I love the smell of pines so I might buy some pine branches, group them together and hang them from a corner. That might be my special tree. I can just see it now. Lovely.

This is all part of my master plan.  Like I said I decided to fix myself and to do that I decided to fix my house. I thought that I could make my house look as nice as I could afford then I would start to feel better about certain aspects of my life. I would start cleaning and respecting my house more. So my family got on board. My Aunt gave me a living room set that was just being stored in her basement. It looks great! I painted or retouched most of the paint, and have been cleaning everyday.

It makes me get up at a reasonable time in the morning to clean.  Then I walk the dog so I can fulfill my other promise to myself. I didnt walk today, but I did walk yesterday and it was a very nice walk in the dark (my favorite time, because no one can see me).

I think I may take a picture of my living room and post it.
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