Thursday, 13 December 2012

Happy Dance...December 13, 2012 *212.4

Yippeeee! 212.4 on my new scale!!!! I checked with my other scale and it shows almost 2 pounds difference. I will be getting rid of it, because I dont want to play that game.

I am so proud of the effort I am putting in
I can do this
I do not eat at night
I do not eat anything after I have eaten super
I do not pick at left overs (hard)
I spent all day yesterday transferring all my info onto a new email address, new blog, new google +, and new picassa.  Sheeesh, just because they did nt like my nick name. I didnt want my real name out there, so I put my nickname as my name. Note to self, dont do that again.

I did great yesterday. I did not over eat, kept to my meal plan. The only real upset I had was that my new scale added on a few pounds. Its like I have to re-lose the same pounds I worked to take off. I took a few pics of myself to show the before and after. Yuk, is all I can say. I will be wearing the same clothes each time so I can see the difference clearly. Unfortunately, the only white shirt I found was wrinkle shitty mess. Next time I will make sure to be more presentable. It is not easy taking pics of yourself... hands free...with a timer. I may post later I dont know.

  I measured my parts and here is the damage

Hips 48
Boobage 45
Waist 42
Thigh 29
Arm 14
Current Weight 212.4
Can only go up from here right?

Its really early in the morning, so I will wait a bit before weighing myself. I am going to use both machines to see how big of a difference there is. I found a pic of fat that helps keep it in perspective though. I lost at least 5 lbs since I started, and this is what it looks like...

I had a hard time believing it, because I dont feel like I have lost that. So I went to look at a 5 lbs of sugar, 5 lbs of potatoes and it is totally real. Or a more accurate example would be  a pound of butter x 5. Holy crap, I am carrying alot of extra weight. No wonder I am tired.


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