Sunday, 14 April 2013

Get ready for some whining! April 14, 2013 *186.8 lbs

Get ready for it

*My weight is not moving, but that is no surprise since I have been lazy at counting calories.
*I am snacking like...duh...I am not seriously following a diet plan.
*My period is 10 days late, no worries I am not preggers! If I was, it would mean the second coming of Christ!
*I think I am pre menopausal.
*I am bloated, See above.
*I feel out of control, duh! I am not planning anything.
*I binged...and...I...did something bad...
*I am tired ALL the time, I know it is my pills, but if I don't take them I get depressed.
*I am not exercising, because I am being incredibly lazy.
*I am fighting with my son...

Friday, 5 April 2013

Love you guys! April 5, 2013 185.6 lbs

Wow, thanks for all the encouraging words. It means alot to me, so thank you to the bottom of my heart!

I fell off the diet wagon for a couple of days. I have not lost weight, I Cant even say I am on a plateau. Just eating too much. Let me explain... My son had a bad cold, so I let him stay home from school. We had a movie day, and we covered every single window, and door in the living room. I dont have a tv or cable so my son brought out his flat screen (Christmas present from the Grandmother). We watched Harry Potter alllll day! Movie day included popcorn with butter, chocolate and salt. Sigh...I did not resist. By the end of the day, there were Kleenex everywhere, popcorn kernels, swollen lips from the salty popcorn and full bellies. Sigh. We did not finish all 8 movies so we did the same thing the next day. Sigh.

Send me good thoughts and a couple ass kicks to get me back on track!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Money.... April 1, 2013 *187.0 lbs

Well, I had a tough week diet wise. I didn't loose weight, I actually gained a pound. I am not worried, because I have not had a BM for a few days. I have been nibbling a bit too much, and feeling a little too hungry. Last but not least, I have not exercised one bit.


I got laid off from my great paying job last June, and that set me back in sooo many ways. I started eating (gaining weight), smoking (again) and got depressed (obviously). I got another job right away (lot less pay), I went on EI to help with my money (still not enough), and cut back on everything (eating out, movies, books, clothes, food).

Since then... I quit smoking (yeah me), I went on a diet (yeah me) and worked through my depression (still ongoing). My EI is done, and I still do not have enough money. So now I have to cut even more out. Not sure what else I can cut out, but cut I will. All my bills can be trimmed. I can use my clothes line (summer), cut my heat (already doing that, but can go farther), electric cost (nope already down to nothing). Gas (park the car for the summer).

 I have decided to start walking to work. It is not very far from my house, so I am working on how to do that. It includes bringing a change of clothes/food/shoes/socks...I think I am going to leave a bag of essentials/socks/clothes/shoes at work in my locker. We have a great kitchen with a freezer, so I might bring a bunch of food to work. That way I dont have to carry my house to work everyday.

I am not upset about cutting back. It has to be done, and it will all help me with Fixing Me, and losing weight. It will be a challenge, the worst will be how to take care of my son. I am his taxi service, so he will have to walk/bike/long board to his girlfriends house. I think that will be great for him. Its to get him to places that are far away that will be a killer. Oh well, cant freak myself out yet.
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