Pics and Vids

This is what 100 lbs of fat looks like!!

This represents all the weight I plan on losing in 2013!

What 5 lbs of FAT looks like!

5 lbs of Fat

What real Women look like

Portion Distortion

Calorie Shifting
Activity Counter
Awesome blog Fit to the Finish
Visualize your Weight loss




Pretty cool video of what 18 lbs of fat looks like!


Tony Horton from P90x


One of the Body Weight youtube sites that I watch and do.


Shay...I love this guy! I started to watch him when he started his ShayCarl youtube site, then he started Shayloss a couple of years ago. He is the one that has kept me motivated, plus he has kept it off for awhile. Very motivational, especially his last vlog...As he says, being fat does not mean you are a bad person. I love love this guy.

If you are on a weight loss journey, you should subscribe to Shayloss. If nothing else watch this video!


Total Body Workouts by eFit30. I hate working out in a gym, and some of p90x is too hard to do.

 Total Body Workouts by eFit30. Amazing.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show, because who can stay depressed after watching her show?!


Paleo Diet info


Bob Harper from Biggest Loser


Jason from Nerd Fitness


Dustin Maher fitness guru

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