My name is Madijo (not really), and I have been overweight for a very long time. When I was a teenager I thought I was overweight. I look back now and I realize I was not. In my late teens I think I was at all time high of 135 lbs! Seriously? I thought I was overweight? If I could go back in

I have gained and lost weight a few times. Twice I have lost over 100 lbs. For one reason or another I have always gained it back. I have decided to try again, but this time I will not gain it back. My goal for the year 2013 is to lose a 100 lbs, and to maintain it is my goal for 2014.

My highest weight was 254 lbs and I lost 55 lbs in 2010 but gained back a bit. I started losing weight again and my new start weight as of December 2012 was 221 lbs. I decided to lose 100 lbs by December 2013. That will put my weight to 121 lbs. That in fact maybe too small. I actually do have big bones and I think a more realistic weight might be 135-140 lbs.

I am a single mom of a teenager and he has been very supportive of this Blog and my new goal.

My original purpose of writing this blog was to work on my head and my body. I soon realized I really needed to focus on my weight, since most of my head problems stemmed from my size. Hence my new goal, that I am going to achieve by the end of 2013! 

This is a picture of me at 140 lbs, back in 1996.  I went from 235 lbs to 135 lbs.

I know I can't look like that again. Seriously, I was 26! I would like to be that size again. Strike that...I WILL be that size again.

This is me at 254 lbs. Blah. What a difference!

This was me at 200 lbs (I think), when I lost 54 lbs.  Hmmm...I believe this was the winter of 2010. I had hit the big 40.

Just a little update: I am now 175 lbs! I have 115 days left til the end of 2013. I need to lose (175-122=55) 55 lbs to reach my New Years Resolution goal.

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