Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fell, then decided to roll around in the muck! Mother F'r! June 26, 2013 *186.5 lbs


Yup, thats right. I gained some weight back.

Here are a list of excuses

*I got too cocky
*I stopped planning
*Diet food cost too much
*I changed my diet around...WTH was I thinking?
*I started nibbing
*I got bitch slapped with life
*I started eating my danger foods...WTH was I thinking?
*I moved in with my mom during my bathroom remodel
*I ate too much, too often
*I stopped weighing myself everyday


...Only reason I am writing this, is because I am back on track. Starting from the beginning again. So positive thoughts again.

I am not hungry...all the time!
I do not eat when I am bored
I do not eat after supper
I do not nibble
I do not over eat

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