Friday, 7 June 2013

I fell...and I did not get up... June 7, 2013 180.8 lbs

What the hell!

Life hit me upside the head and I faltered. Sheesh. I am not going to say that everything is ok, because its not. I am going to say that I am making every effort to get back to where I was diet wise.

My money sitch got so bad last month, that I was not able to buy groceries. That normally would not be a problem, but I have a teenage boy that didnt like that idea. It meant I had to eat all the food in my cupboards. Holy crap on toast! Rice, cereal, pasta, canned food. All my danger foods, all day everyday. It started out ok, then...not so much. They are my danger foods for a reason. I over eat them.

I dont have any more money than last month, but I decided to bite the bullet and ask for help from my mom. I hate doing that, especially at my age. My son (almost 16), has an interview this week, so that will help alot.

With all this time off, I have been working in my yard ALL DAY LONG! I have new flower beds, and made my other beds bigger. When I am done I will post some pics. I love my yard. Even though I over ate, I did not gain weight, which is totally shocking, but really appreciated. I imagine it was all the yard work, and on the days that I do get called into work, I work like a crazy demon.

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