Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Stop doing that sh*t! March 5, 2013 *191.4

I have been having panic attacks, or maybe I should say major anxiety continuously. I visited my doc and I am back on my depression/ anxiety pills (in addition to the mood stabilizers I already take). Wow, what a difference. It has been a couple of years since I stopped taking them. I wanted to see if I could stop taking pills and deal with my mental problems by myself. *Note to self...stop doing that shit!*  I have been putting myself through hardship for this idea that I  could handle it. Duh. So here I am, able to take deep breaths, and not able to hear that bitchy me voice in my head. Happy Dance.

There are side effects though. Yes I am calmer, not as anxious, not as depressed, not as likely to cry and generally a nicer person. I am also not as likely to laugh, smile, gain weight and be more confused (not able to focus).

Are all the cons worth the pros? Yes and no. Both cause me to live half a life.

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