Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I am still alive and going strong May 15, 2013 * 179.8 lbs

I am so Happy
I am under 180 lbs! 

When I started this journey, one of my biggest fears was that I would regain my weight. I am not as afraid anymore. These past few months I have been losing and maintaining my weight. I am not going crazy and obsessing about it either (first time for everything)!

I have reached a weight that I am comfortable with and I don't feel like people are staring at the fat chick anymore. When I look in the mirror,  I see the pretty girl I used to be.
Over the years I have built up quite a stockpile of smaller clothes and I am fitting them all, if not tooo small for some of them. I have been going through all my clothes and ruthlessly getting rid off all the big clothes. I cant wait til I have to get rid of my smaller clothes.

I go out every now and then, and I take the time to make good food choices. If the restaurant does not have them, I don't go. Period.  I have made my diet apart of my life. It truly is not a diet anymore. I am making it a part of the rest of my life kind of diet.

The reason I am making it? Two reasons. 1.   If you falter, restart right away. Not tomorrow, not Monday...right away. 2. When I am not losing, I am practicing maintenance. I do not have plateaus. I have real life maintenance training. That's why I am not afraid anymore. (Thanks Diane).


  1. Hi, I'm so happy for you :) yay!!! you are making good food choices and you are happy with yourself..I think so important

  2. I am so happy for you, lovely girl. So nice to hear you're feeling good achieving your goals. (Hope you're still finding the time to read with all the clothes throwing! :-))



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