Monday, 21 October 2013

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde October 21, 2013 171.8

I was good for most of the day, then evening happened...

I decided I wanted to have a cheat day. OK, not a good idea!

I have got to learn how to do this better. I need to be able to have treats without eating like tomorow is the end of the world. Ok, I didnt eat thaaaat much, but I wanted to.

Its like I have two speeds. One is I am on a diet, dont even think of deviating from my diet. Then there is the other me. The one with no stop. Eat until my stomach hurts. Thats the one that needs work. If I cant control my Mr Hyde, I will just gain my weight back.


  1. The diet/not-diet mentality is a tough one to break! I like to think of it as daily choices rather than a "diet" choice.


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