Thursday, 3 October 2013

Saggy skin October 3, 2013 172.8

I lose weight, I gain it. I lose weight, I gain it. Or that is what it feels like. Last month I lost 10 lbs pretty quick, then spent the rest of the time going up and down. Thats ok, I measured myself and my inches are there!!

My eyes (the part between my eyebrow and the eye lid) is all droopy. The more weight I loose, the more it becomes noticeable. Who would have thought I had lots of fat there?

Another weird body fact that came to my attention. My stomach is kinda saggy. Its all loose skin, and it feels funny. My stomach is hard underneath (exercise), but I have this saggy belly. Call me weird, but I was happy when I noticed.

It means I am getting there.

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