Sunday, 22 June 2014

Another Aha moment

 I kind of had an AHA moment this week.

I was wiping off my dogs feet one morning, when a little  centipede scuried in front of me. I stepped on it. I never do things like that. I dont like bugs, but I never kill them. I usually pick them up and bring them outside. I figure, just because I dont like them, does not make it ok to kill them. See where I am going with this?

So I stepped on it. Out of fear, or because I was startled. I lashed out with my deadly foot, and killed it. Or so I thought. I had only smushed it, but it lived. Ugh. I brought it outside, like I should have in the beginning. It was while I was outside that I noticed I had hurt it, that one half was not moving right. Ugh. Should I kill it, to take it out of its misery? It fell off my napkin and was gone before I could decide.

I have felt guilt ever since.

I hurt or killed a creature for no other reason then it startled me.

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