Monday, 16 June 2014

Scale obsession

I have not been logging my weight everyday on my Scale Obsession page for awhile. It was so erratic that I decided to not log it. Also, my scale has been at work for the last month.

I will start logging again, because I found it helped to keep a record. My scale is still not showing a difference, but I tried some clothes and halleluiah...they fit!

All the walking has helped, but of course I would like to see a difference in the scale too.

I have decided to try for another 20 lbs. I feel great, but I want more.  I want my outside to match my insides and my head. It really bothered me when I saw myself in a mirror the other day.

I know I have to accept loose skin, and that my body will never look like it should. I figure that if the folds of skin have less fat in them, that the rolls wont be as obvious.

I watched The Biggest Loser a few years ago. One of the guys there had lost a huge amount. He had loose skin, but he had kept at it, and with exercise had made the skin nearly disappear.

My lose skin still has fat in it, so it looks more like rolls then loose skin.


I just googled loose skin. I realize that I dont have that big of a problem!

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