Monday, 18 February 2013

Blog Awards February 18, 2013 *193.5

I am more of a spiritual person than a religiously religious person. I believe in God, but not so much the church. I follow all the holidays in the spirit they were meant. I believe that when a door closes that God will open a window for me. Too many things have happened in my life, for me not to trust in this.

I have been going through another bout of depression, that thankfully is on its way out. I am doing better and feeling better every day. I am not saying receiving two awards changed my life, or even shook me out of my depression. What it did do was make me see that I am not alone.

I am raising a teenage boy (OMG!), who is going through puberty (OMG!), and I am doing this alone. Though I could literally pull my hair out from frustration, he is the reason I am still alive. He was the window that God opened for me. I was on the way out, when I had him, and I imagine if ever something bad happened to him, I would soon follow. Anyhoo that was morbid.

Back to the awards...Short and simple...They made me smile inside.

I realize now that blogger awards are almost like chain letters. Some/Most bloggers do not care when they get one. Sadly I found this out when I nominated people for the Inspirational Blogger Award. The few who did respond, were warm and generous and took it in the spirit that I meant it. I wanted them to know that I appreciated their words, their encouragements, and the work they put into their blog.

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