Sunday, 11 August 2013

? 180.4 lbs

Four more months to reach me final goal. I said I wanted to lose 100 lbs by the end of 2013, I need to lose another 60 lbs in four months. Is 100 unrealistic? Not before, but now yes. I fell down a few times, so to make up and lose 60 lbs is not going to be healthy. Even if I stay strict for the next four months, and only lose 10 lbs a month, that will bring me to 140 lbs. I have been that weight before and I look gooood. I will have to wait and see what weight my body wants to stay at. This is going to be long term weight loss. I have to be able to maintain whatever I end up at. That is not to say, that when I reach 140, that I cant strive for 120  lbs. It will just be a slower journey. Like 1 lbs a month or something.

I looked up my body type, factoring my height and bone structure. I should really be 150 at the max, and 118 if I had a small frame. Time will tell.

180lbs-120lbs=60 lbs

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