Friday, 23 August 2013

Finally, again! August 23, 2013 179.8

I just relearned or remembered something weird about my body. Here goes...

The day before my period I lose a few pounds. I get really excited thinking I have had a break through. Then I gain it all back and have to lose it all again. Through my scale obsession recording, I finally saw the pattern and stopped getting upset with myself (usually).

I would lose some water weight before my period, (why?) then gain it all back once my period was over.

Its confusing now that I am not having my period every month, but I am having the same symptoms. Weird I know.

I will have to keep an eye on that, and see if my weight fluctuations match up with my normal period cycle.

I fleshed out my goal for 2014. I want to maintain my weight loss. That has stayed the same. I want to add a physical aspect. Like run a 5k, or join Cross Fit, or something else that is pretty big. I will have to think on this.

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