Friday, 2 August 2013

Now that is more like it! July 2, 2013 *184.6

I weighed in at 184.6 today, which is more realistic. Yes it is awesome to see a huge weight loss. But when you know its not real, you know the other shoe is gonna drop.

I am following my old diet, and its like coming home. Its funny how following a thought out plan, watching what you eat becomes so much easier. I go on to MyfitnessPal early in the morning, and plan out my food for the day. That way, when I get hungry the decisions already been made. I dont chose food when I am bored, angry, sad or hungry.

I find when I regulate what I am eating, it bleeds over to other parts of my life. I have more gumption to clean the house, or work in my gardens. I try to look at everything as an opportunity to exercise or get away from the fridge.

Another cool side effect, is that I actually don't feel as hungry. Or think about food as much. When I am not following my plan, I thing of food all day long. Seriously! What I want, how I want it, should I eat it, when I am going to eat it. On and on and on.

When I am on track, I ask myself are you really hungry right now? Or are you bored, or do you want to eat because you usually do when you see this person, or sit here, or ....

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