Saturday, 3 August 2013

Things are coming together August 3, 2013 * 183.8

Weighed in at 183.8 lbs today. I ate a little more than I should have, and I did not have a huge hard work day. My manager came in with individual dessert thingies, and OMG it was delish. I couldn't not eat it! I ate it expecting to exercise all day. That did not happen, so when my day was nearly finished, I looked for things to do that would burn some cals.

I work at a liquor store and I lift and move boxes all day long. I love it. I see it as an opportunity to exercise and build muscle. Under my protective layer of fat I am all hard muscle!

When I first started there, I weighed around 220 lbs. I was always exhausted and had a hard time doing all that was expected of me. I pushed through it every single day. I decided to diet and try harder everyday. Now I am like a machine at work. Pallet after pallet and I will keep going until I finish. That is not to say I am not tired after work. But now its 10 to 12 pallets that make me tired, not one!

I have a party to go to this weekend and *Ugh* I am not looking forward to it diet wise. It is going to be a sleepover, and we are being picked up (lots of drinking). Food and booze. I am just worried that I will get derailed again. It would be different if I had been on the straight and narrow for a couple of months, and one night would not make a big difference. But I am just back from a couple months of living on the Dark Side. Confidence and willpower are kind of shaky.

Should be interesting.

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