Saturday, 10 August 2013

What! My scale was right? 180.4 lbs

I weighed in at 180.4 lbs today. That is fabulous. My hard work at work is working out ;) How is that for a sentence?  When I go to work, I put in more than 100 %. I always have. On the down side, I eat a little more than I should, thinking I have extra cals to work with. I am now trying to keep the extra calories to a minimum. I also try to add them on days that I have already worked hard.

Doing that and eating my lunch or supper just before work has been helping. Like today, I start at noon. I will make my lunch and eat it at work. It satisfies that craving I have of eating something before I start my routine.

Now the only thing I have to beat, is eating when I get home. My last meal or snack at work, happens around 6:30. By 9:30 I want foooood. I start off eating a bite or two. Then three or four. By the time I am done, I have usually eaten well over  two hundred or even three hundred calories. I think I am going to divide up some popcorn, or some other cheaty kind of snack. Hopefully that keeps the calories down, but allows me to eat a little something to keep the hunger down.

I have eating this new popcorn, or should I say, new to me popcorn. Its called BoomChickaPop. Yummo! It only has 35 calories per cup. Best of all, it only has three ingredients. Popcorn, sea salt, and safflower oil. Nom nom nom.

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