Monday, 9 September 2013

Busy busy busy September 9, 2013 174.0

I weighed in at 174.0 today. At this rate I should be able to make my goal of 170 by the end of the month. I have been super strict on my diet plan, and it is paying off! The only problem is was how starved I was yesterday. I eat anywhere between 1200 to 1500 cals a day. Well within my dietary needs. I eat more when I work really hard at work, and less when I am lazy.

I ended up being pretty proud of myself yesterday too. I was starved, but I still made good food choices and did not cave into my food urges.

My mom invited us over for supper and she made roast beef (unbelievably delish) and corn on the cob. I did a quick cal count, and realized there was no way I could fit in her roast beef and corn. So I made up a tuna fish salad with lots of veggies and brought that over. I ate that instead of her meat and had some corn.

I bet you wonder why I didnt just eat her roast beef? Well I cant stop at 3 oz. Nope nope nope. Especially when I had been starving all day, and I did not want to test my willpower. Good Madijo!

I always associate my mom's house with food. I always, always eat there. I mean I Usually over eat! I stopped going for awhile because I could not stop myself from snacking. Now I go, but I raid her fruit instead of all her junk food.

Yes yes, I should stop associating her with food, but I decided to compromise. Slowly but surely, I eat less and less there. I no longer have this overwhelming urge to over eat or stab myself in the eye and leave.

My mom and I have a love/uncomfortable/hate/stressful/love relationship. As we both get older, the love is coming out more. The way I dealt with all those negative emotions was to eat. Which I did, as often as I could.


  1. The relationship between our family and food can be very, very complicated.

    I have to say that your feeling "starved" may be a sign that you need to eat more - starving is never good because it often ends to overeating.

    1. I know...I still cant believe how hungry I was. I reviewed my diet plan, and cant see anything that I can improve on. I eat lots of veggies and fruit and protein. I make sure to have enough dairy and water. The only thing that I can work on is the carbs.

      This is a lifelong journey for me.


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