Thursday, 5 September 2013

Can I do it?

So I am 175 lbs as of today. I have 115 days left til the end of 2013. Can I realistically reach my New Years Resolution Goal weight?

 I started off at 222 lbs and I wanted to lose 100 lbs.

222 lbs-100 lbs=122 lbs

I am now 175 lbs.

175 lbs-122 lbs = 53 lbs.

That means I have to lose 53 lbs in 115 days.

53lbs/115 days=.46 lbs

Which means I have to lose .46 lbs a day!


115 days/7 days in a week=16 weeks

I would need to lose 3.31 lbs a week to make my goal.

I think 140 lbs is more realistic. I have been 140 lbs and I felt and looked good.

115 days/35lbs=.3lbs per day
35lbs/16 weeks=2.18lbs per week

That is doable.

Now, I totally realize that life happens and my body probably will not cooperate and stick to my math genius! If I dont fall off the wagon and wonder aimlessly, and my body does not hit any plateaus, and I stay super strict and maintain total dedication for over 115 days...

Ya, not going to happen. So how about I continue doing the best that I can! Stay strong and motivated and be at peace with myself. Celebrate all the good things and live through the bad.

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