Sunday, 1 September 2013

Te he he he! September 1, 2013 177.2 lbs

I weighed in at 177 today!!!! Yippee!

So after reading a couple of different posts from great bloggers (Diane from Fit to the Finish, and Tanvee Life as I know it). I have decided to do a restart/mini goal each month. I already kind of do that, but I am going to make it an official part of my plan.

My mini goal for last month was to get under 180 lbs so that I was not considered obese and more likely to get approved for the boob job. I may or may not be approved. That is now out of my hands. I will get the boob remake either way. Not sure how, but it will happen. I am too young to have breast that look like this.

Its funny though. I didn't want to lose too much weight before I saw the doctor, because of course my boobs would get smaller. Now that obstacle is over, let the fun begin.

My goal for this month is to reach 170 lbs, and add some exercise plan in there. 

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