Sunday, 15 September 2013

This is so frustrating! September 15, 2013 174.0

At the beginning of the week I weighed in at 172. Now I weigh 174. I know I did not gain it back, because I have been following my diet. I figure it is water weight that I originally lost, or water weight that I gained back. Oh and lets not forget that I have not gone to the 'bathroom' in a bit.

Before I started my diet my IBS leaned towards diarrhea. Now I dont go. Never a happy medium.

I bought some new underwear. I got some boy shorts...uh...I am not too happy with the fit. I also bought some of the same kind that I already had. I bought them in large, and they are still too big! Hehehehe! I dont have enough money to get more this week, but next week...MEDIUM!

P.s.  Just to keep things in perspective...I looked where I was last month at this date and I weighed 179 and the next day I gained 3 lbs! I still weigh 5 lbs less than last month!


  1. Five pounds gone, that is awesome! Hang in there when trying to lose our bodies then to do funky things.

    What program are you following?

    1. That is so true!

      I made up my own diet that is a mix of all the good advice I read about.


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