Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!! September 18, 2013 172

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to ME!
Peace Lily

I turned 4? yesterday! My mom wanted to buy me some clothes, but I want to wait til Christmas. So she bought me a Peace Lily plant instead. It is huge! I absolutely adore it!

I ended up spending nearly the whole day with her. Shopping for my plant, and visiting memere (my grandmother), then hanging at her house. It was while we were there she wanted me to try on some old clothes that I had left there when I was younger. I didnt want to, because I was sure everything would be too small. UGH! Anyhoo...I tried them on...and they fit, or were too BIG!

R. and I went over for super and it was nice and relaxing evening.  My mom is so proud of what I have done so far that she supports my diet in any and every way that she can. She got me a veggie pizza (2 small slices) and a chocolate cupcake for my birthday cake. She also bought no sugar ice cream. How awesome is she! I ended up being sick as a dog later though. My body is so not used to any fatty food that it did not react well. I figure that is a good thing. Its like a built in seat belt or something. It not half as fun to eat something fattily delish if you are going to be sick after!

So I weighed myself this morning, and I came in at 172. Yippee! I should be able to make my goal of 170 before the end of the month. Not sure though since I should be having a period soon. That always makes things a little interesting.

Oh! Nearly forgot...R. bought me a pair of Chuck Taylors for my birthday. I think my son having a job ROCKS!


  1. Wow, that lily is BIG! and gorgeous. Happy Birthday! I just started reading your blog. Lovin' it! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Rock on!!!

  2. Happy happy birthday!! That lily is beautiful. I hope you have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks Diane, it was awesome. I did what you said, and I was grateful instead of dreading my birthday.


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