Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I have a day off! September 10, 2013 173.6

I weighed in at 173.6 today. Yippee! I am chugging along nicely. I know I will probably hit a snag/plateau soon. I am not one to lose weight easy. I hit plateaus often. But like Diane from Fit to the Finish wrote me once... "plateaus are like practicing maintenance."  I think that is one of the biggest reasons why I have made it this far.

Any other time I have hit a plateau, I have lost my courage to continue. Now I look at it like a chance to maintain. I am not going to gain my weight back. I think that maintaining is going to be harder than losing.

When you are dieting you are on a time frame. There is an end goal. You wont be on a diet forever. You stay motivated to continue when you get to fit into smaller clothes. When you reach your goal, the other half of your journey continues and this is where I have always failed.

Maintaining is forever, with no end in site.

We practice for everything else in life, why not maintenance?


  1. I have heard keeping the weight off is easier than losing. You will get use to a smaller you and your new life style.


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