Sunday, 16 December 2012

12:06 am December 16, 2012 *211.6

It is 12:06 in the morning and I just got home from my Christmas party. I got called in to work early. I ended up working 9.5 hours and I was TIRED. I wanted to back out of the party, but really, I had to go. The people I work with are super nice and there is no excuse good enough for me not to go. Me not wanting to wreck my diet is not good enough.

I actually had a good time! I usually hate parties of any sort, but this one was kind of nice. There was drinking involved, but I held my self to two, plus one shot. Food wise was kind of iffy. I did not eat any chips, or dip but I did eat like 10-15 shrimp. Then maybe 7 small meatballs. Really I was good. The iffy part I guess comes from I wish I had not eaten anything. I ate toast for breakfast, lunch and snack. My cals before the party were at 1300. I did not plan my food properly and was left just grabbing something quick. I  felt hungry all day, then guilty that I went over my cals.

Does not really matter since I came home and puked everything up. Yes I puked on purpose.

Its the first thing I did when I got home, after I let the dog out of course. Then in the bathroom I went and out it came. Phew.

I know that when I get up tomorrow, my weight will not make me happy, but its only a small bump. I dont have any other parties to go to. I am by myself for Christmas this year, so I dont have any big temptations to get through for the holidays.I will write more when I get up. Ta ta.


Well, its better than I thought. I weighed in at 211.6 lbs. Double and triple checked of course. I should drink more often, cause I slept for a full 8 hours! I never do that. It was wonderful. I am going to think about making an actual food menu this week. I like making large quanities of something and eating left overs. Its much easier and I am not as tempted to over eat. Weird I know. 


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