Monday, 17 December 2012

Sigh...December 17, 2012 *212.

I weighed in at 212 on the dot. This is how it went the last time. I had to fight for every pound.  Is it better that way?  You will more likely remember the pain you went through to lose. I don't know. I just know it is frustrating and depressing. I lost like 5 lbs a month, but it would only show just before or after my period.  I figure that I start gaining water weight while I am losing fat. When my period hits I lose the water weight. This leaves me emotional and obsessed.


Soooo tired. Emptied pallets, restacked beer, stocked wine. Sooo tired. Didnt sleep well last night at all. My ears were buzzing, so I figure I drank too much herbal tea. I am keeping to 1200 to  1300 cals a day, no cheats!! I am going to start calorie shifting soon, that way my body does not know whats coming and acclimatize.

Eating a honkin big salad for supper for two reasons tonight. One to eat some veggies and cause I need to poop. Have not gone for a bit, and nothing works better for me. This is on top of Metamucil three times a day. I have IBS and it goes from diahrea all the time, to being constipated. Fun and games all the time. The less I eat the less I poop. Imagine! I also find that I dont poop often. I figure I will have to up my veggie intake.


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