Tuesday, 18 December 2012

You have GOT to be kidding! December 18, 2012 *212.6

What!? 212.6 lbs. It sure as hell isnt because I have cheated! I have been working like a crazy person at work. I better go look to see if my period is due soon....

...I started my last period on November 25th,  I usually go about every 21 days, but my system has been screwy lately. Either way,  I always gradually gain weight (water) for a week or more before my period. Its got to be that.

I do not get discouraged
I do not let the number on the scale get me down
I do not lose will power because I am not losing according to my big plan!!!!
I am happy at how well I am doing
I am proud of myself for not giving into all the Christmas treats that are around work
I do not snack at night

The good thing about a diet, for me anyways, is that I make a huge effort to eat better. More fruits and veggies. I make sure the carbs I eat are as good as possible. For example, instead of white bread, I am eating Dempster's Ancient Grains. That be some serious heavy s%*t!

High Fructose Corn Syrup
I watched  a program the other day about High Fructose, so  I am making an effort to not eat anything with that in it.


Very Hungry today. I am going to look over what I ate today, and what times I ate. Should not be feeling this hungry.


Looked back and I didnt have my regular toast and almond butter which is 300 cals. I had scrambled eggs and it was only 180 cals.  So I didnt eat enough.


I went for a nice walk after supper. I was hungry and my son left almost all his food on his plate. Normally I would pick off of it, this time I just threw it out! Then I went out. It was already dark and pretty chilli, but I am glad I did. It was nice to look at all the Christmas Lights. I think I will pick a street that is all lit up for Christmas and walk there the next time.


Wonder what I will weigh tomorrow? Will I keep going up? Or will the million times I went to the bathroom make a difference? Hmmmm? For my own sanity, I sure hope I go down! It doesnt matter though. I am in for the long haul. I am going to lose weight. It just wont be fast. What is that stupid saying...slow and steady wins the race. Damn it.


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