Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Boxing Day! December 26, 2012 *209.0

Happy Boxing Day! Ok enough of that.

Well it is 3:34 in the morning and I am still awake. My body is restless, my mind wont shut off and of course my stomach is growling. I did my food diary on myfitnesspal earlier, and my sodium total was out of this world. The daily recommended amount of sodium intake should not exceed 2500, my total was 3758. The lovely yummy lobster had 1700mg of sodium!  Holy crapola.

I think my New Years resolution will be really original...wait for it...I am going to promise to exercise every day! Shocking, I know. I am sure no one else has done something so crazy!

I will have to make up the rules before I start so that I dont change them after the fact.

I have to either walk/run (ha!)/jog/bike or do a form of body exercise every single day for 365 days. Hmmm, what about the liquor load days? Should I consider those as a form of exercise? I think I have to think on this. Every day at work is not a heavy lifting day. Only when I do the beer. So if I do beer, then I will list that as my exercise for the day.

I set up a page, and it has 365 days listed. On each day I will mark down what I did and for how long.


I forgot to put the garbage out damnit! The sound of the truck woke me up at around 8 this morning.  Oh well. Lets go see the damage.


Right on. I weighed in at 209.0 lbs. Now I am going to a friends house to have a rum and eggnog at 10. I have not had breakfast, since it looks like I will be drinking my cals today.


Wow, that was delish. I totally enjoyed the drinks. I am glad I did not eat before hand, that way I could really enjoy having a drink. Meaning they hit me harder than if I had food in my stomach. That sounds kind of wrong, but I wanted a buzz, and I have not had a drink of any kind for a few months. I wanted the buzz, but not alot of drinks. No food+one drink=nice buzz.

 I had a rum and eggnog, then two shots of Panama Jacks. Yummmm, and since she is my neighbor I was able to walk home. I did a calorie count of everything and my whole drinking binge was 382 cals. I made up our drinks, so that I could cheat a bit, without being obvious. No one is interested that you are on a diet, or that you dont want to drink your calories. Blah blah blah. I find it so much easier, and less stressful to take care of business myself. I didn't want attention, or discuss what I was doing, or run the risk of anyone saying, "why diet during Christmas". Well guess what? I lost weight instead of gained during Christmas...Bam baby!

I filled my glass with ice, then an ounce of rum then two ounces (used same shot glass) of full cal eggnog. Then put to more shot glasses of 1% milk. My drink looked like hers, but was probably half the cals as hers. I did the same thing when I made the Panama Jack drink. I drank mine straight up on ice, that way I did not have to add milk.


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