Sunday, 16 December 2012

Diet mashup December 16, 2012

I think I should have been a dietician, if I wasnt so fat that is. I know everything there is to know about nutrition and diets and blah blah. I know what I should do, I just dont do it. When ever I hear something new, I research the shit right out of it.

You have to read up on both sides of it. You read the promo stuff, 'Oh this is the best thing ever!', then you read the, 'you love Satan, and you will go to Hell if you follow this idea!' After sifting through all that you get the truth of the matter.

The first one I really looked into was the  Fit for life . The idea was to eat fruits and veggies in the morning and heavier stuff at night. I really dont remember much about it, because that was over 20 years ago!

Recently (last 3 years) I looked into a whole bunch of ideas. One was Eat Stop Eat . It is very detailed and the concept is very interesting. I did this during my last weight loss craze and I actually felt really good while I did this. Some people have a hard time not eating for a day. I never did. Once I was is in the 'zone' that is. I found it very calming in a way. I actually did not think of food. I knew I could not eat it, so I didnt even stress out over it.

The other one I looked into and did, was The 4 Hour Body . A large book, and again an interesting concept. I think this one was my downfall, on my last diet plan. There are a few of the elements in this diet that I still utilize. Like making a repetitious meals. I would not mind rereading it, but I dont believe I will go near it again. No carb is not a good idea for me.

The Paleo diet is another one I looked into alot. From everything that I read about it, it seems logical. I have IBS and one of the things I did to find a solution to my problem was to follow a Homeopath. One of the things he got me to do, was to eat a very restricted diet (called an Elimination diet)for a couple of weeks. After that I was able to introduce one type of food per week and document the results. It was a huge huge huge eye opener. I absolutely recommend that to everyone!!!!!

I was able to tell which foods caused what problems. Everything from a snotty nose, to hard poop. I documented everything. So when I looked into the Paleo died (right after the strict diet), it made statements that corresponded with what I found out about myself.

Pasta...caused me to have diarrhea
Milk/Dairy...caused slimy poop and snotty nose (weird)
Shrimps...hard poop (so if I find my IBS going crazy, I eat shrimp)
Tomato/Sauces...causes me to have diarrhea
Romain Lettuce...dont even have time to eat it before I am poopin it back out!
Orange juice...ditto, so if I am constipated, I eat lettuce or dring OJ

I pull elements from all the different diets and mush it up into one big one that fits me and my life.

After the Homeopath, I can say that I have an addiction to carbs. Like, you can never stop at one chip. I find that when I have pasta, I cant stop at one serving. Or potatoes, or chips. So I try not to eat anything white. No cereal, no pasta, no potatoes, no sugar and I am still working on the salt. I have bread because I can control that, since who the hell can over do 12 grain ancient grain bread?

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