Monday, 10 December 2012

Snow Day! December 10, 2012 *218

Snow Day! My son came in, yelling NO SCHOOL! 

Sigh...yeah. Oh well. So took a shower and weighed myself a total of like 50 times. First time I weighed myself it showed 215, then 214, 211, 218, 217, 215. I decided to go with 215. I think I am going to spend money on a good scale.

I made chili, cause what is better than soup or stew or a chili on a cold snowy day? I put carrots, onions, celery, bokchoy (left over), peppers all in a chopper/blender and pureed the shit out of all the veggies. This is in hopes that my son will have some without knowing what is in there.

I only eat at a set time (two hours between meals)
I do not eat when I am bored
I make my meals
I do not take easy way out and eat take out


Well well well! I did verry good today. Didnt snack, had to convince myself of that once or twice. My chili was too good. I had a hard time sticking to one bowl. But I  kept on repeating I only eat at a set time (two hours between meals), and that actually helped.

I think I may use that more often. Like I said I always think of food, and I am usually planning my next meal before I finish eating the first meal.

I do not think of food all the time
I stop myself thinking of food all the time
I think of something else everytime I start thinking of what I could eat

There was another book I read about eating every two to three hours and eating 300 cal meals. I did that during my last diet and I have to say it worked really well. I think I had the most problem with portion control. Try to create a 300 cal meal that is a balanced! I got pretty good at it, before I quit.

Hmmm can I even remember all the diets I have been on?

anorexic diet (worked really well, gave me IBS tho, oh and lifelong health problems)
bulimia diet (didnt work at all)
4 minute diet
Simply for Life diet
Weight Watchers diet
Diamonds diet
Fasting diet (actually felt really good with that one)
No carb diet (bad)
Paleo Diet
Basic calorie counting diets
No diet (worse one)
Exercise til I drop diet (bad bad idea)

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