Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Drum roll please....December 19. 2012 *210.8

I wont pull out the drum roll too many times, since that should be reserved for special moments. I weighed in today at 210.8 today. I have reached my December goal, so everything else that happens this month is gravy! I will loose another few pounds for sure. Color me happy today.


Snow Day!! Every one is happy all round today.


I am having my usual Dempster's toast with almond butter. I want to see if it makes a difference in my hunger levels. Another thing I didnt think about yesterday, was that I was off. I had more time on my hands and brain to think about food and being hungry. I am going to work later this afternoon and it will be a heavy lifting day I am sure. I will be crawling home by 9:30 tonight.

I have no idea what I am going to have for supper, let alone lunch today. Hmmmm. Probably make a sandwich for lunch. Oh and I have a veggie burger left over. Hard thinking for the day is over.


Tired! Worked like a crazy person, didn't snack and didn't feel hungry. Time for bed. Wonder what scale will say tomorrow. 

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