Friday, 21 December 2012

The red plague is here! December 21, 2012 *211.2

I was right, I started the day with cramps and you guessed F'n period. I was soo hungry last night, and the chocolate in the countdown calender  was calling me by name. I knew something was coming. I stayed true though and did not go over my cals. Yippeee me.

I dont know what I weigh yet. It can go one of two ways. One I lost some of my water weight, or I gained more water weight. I want to lay in bed for a bit more before I find out. Let the suspense build. Not really, I am just being lazy, the house is cold. I dont want to to get up, strip and weigh myself until I have to get ready for work.

Its almost Christmas, so today will be crazy busy at work. Uhg...nothing like being on the rag and having to work hard AND being on a diet. My co workers may die, because I am staying away from chocolate.


Damn it all...211.2 lbs. I guess not a weight loss day. Gotta go get ready for work.


Holy crap I am tired. Long day, and everything is sore. It was not a heavy lifting day, or a running around day, was more a, stand all day in one spot kind of day.

My clothes felt snug today, so I am definitely bloated. Sigh...I wish losing weight was easier.


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