Sunday, 23 December 2012

Phew...I was right! December 23, 2012 *210.

Thank goodness I was right. I weighed in at 210.0 lbs this morning. It will probably should be more, but I had to get up real early to get ready for work. I usually weigh myself more around 9 or so.

It is going to be a long hard day.


I am sooooon sore! I did alot of walking and a huge huge amount of heavy lifting. Unloading and reloading pallets of beer and unloading boxes of wine. All at a fast clip. If I look at the movement, its really alot of core work.

Followed my diet to the letter, and I no longer snack at night. I actually have not snacked at night since I started my diet. I have gone through the drive thru at BK several times, but I have never gotten anything for me. It was always for my son and I didnt feel deprived or anything. I WILL win! I will lose all my weight. Period!

Tomorrow at work they are having a takeout meal brought in from St Hebert. I asked for a salad and a piece of chicken. We are also having a meeting with treats, hot chocolate, coffee and tea. I am going to heat up a Carnation Breakfast drink and treat it like a hot chocolate. It has only a 150 cals, but it has 10 grams of protein. That way I dont waste calories, and hopefully it will help me keep me from stretching my diet too far.


I updated my scale obsession page, and I am glad I am doing that. It actually helps keep me motivated. I can see my numbers going up and down, but in the end I lost 2 lbs. It will also help me learn even more about my body.  Next month will confirm my theory about water weight gain just before and during my period. If this totally scientific study confirms my theory, I am sure it will help  keep my resolve. My 2 lbs loss also means I have reached my mini goal for December. Yippppeee!


I also updated my About Me page. Put a couple of pics of me on there. Scary stuff.


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