Saturday, 29 December 2012

Fine tuning December 29, 2012 *207.2

Hmmm, now isn't that interesting? I weighed in at 207.2 lbs. I was right about the salt.

MyFitnessPal food diary allows you to focus on certain nutritional goals. I customized my food diary, to keep track of my calories (of course), my fat intake, protein, carbs, fiber (35 g) and sodium.  Your daily sodium intake should be no more than 2500 mgs per day, I decided to strive for 1500-2000. I also lowered my carbs to 45 % and upped my protein to 25 %, leaving my fat at 30 %.

I looked online to see what I needed to do to flush out my system after eating too much salt. They recommended drinking water through out the day, and lowering your salt intake for three days.  Some sites say to drink lemon and water, some said to drink dandelion tea and some said take pills. I tried lemon and water and just plain water.

I have IBS too. I either have the poops or I dont go at all. I have been trying different things to see what makes me go or not. I have settled on prunes, or should I say dried plums. I found out that prunes changed their name to dried plums. Prunes are too old fashioned and are connected to old people. Now they are called dried plums. Either way, I love them. I tried Trophy dried plums and yummmmy, and I gotta say...they work.

I am so pumped. I just joined   New Year New You 2013 Challenge on MyFitnessPal. It goes on for 10 weeks. There is a spread sheet and everything. That fits perfectly with my anal tendencies. It will help keep me motivated and maybe some new friends. Totally awesome! Color me happy.


Oh so tired. I did alot of walking and alot of heavy lifting. I checked online to see how much cals I burned at work. The job I compared myself to was the construction worker/waitress. They say that in a 8 hour shift, of continuous movement/walking was comparable to walking over 6 miles. I unload pallets of beer, and shelve wine also.

I did really good on my salt intake today. I was able to keep it under 1500. It was a challenge to find things to eat that did not add too much salt. I went grocery shopping to get the makings of my nom nom nommy chili. I bought no salt added diced tomatoes, no salt added sauces and paste. I also bought a roast to cook (its only raw chicken I wont have in my house), as another protein source.

Gotta go add my ingredients into recipe calculator to find out my cals.


Well I lowered the sodium from 490 mg to 140 mg per serving. That is pretty awesome. I cooked the roast, it have to divide it into serving sizes before I know the cals and sodium amounts. A lot more work to cook roast beef than to just buy deli slices. Especially since I love homemade roast beef.

Going to bed.


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