Friday, 28 December 2012

Salt, Salt and more Salt December 28, 2012 *208.8

Do I know my body or what?!  I knew yesterday that I had eaten too much sodium. I had popcorn, deli slices, and my chili.  I weighed in at 208.8 lbs. This weight increase comes as no surprise. I have a couple more things in my fridge that are high in sodium. I sure as hell wont throw them out, but I wont buy anymore. The shaved deli meat was soo easy to use and only 45 cals. It has a whopping 500 mgs of salt though  :(   Then there is my chili. Damn it all, I really liked my chili. I puree a huge amount of veggies, I add meat, kidney beans, canned tomatoes and canned tomato sauce.  Nom nom nom.  I can't see not making that again.

Its 9 am and I have drunk/drank ? 4 glasses of water all ready. Now that I think about it, I didnt drink a huge amount of water yesterday. I hardly went to the bathroom either, not good. 

I boiled up a dozen eggs this morning, which I now regret, because my breakfast cals jumped from 205 to 355. Sheeesh. I will have to switch to egg white glop, blah blah. Oh well, its better for me anyways. Hmmm now what to have as a protein source?

Chicken...can not stand to have raw chicken in my house
Roast Chicken...Store bought/too much salt!
Eggs...high in fat
Egg White glop...High in protein/low fat
Roast the stuff
Baked it too much them, cause constipation/high salt
Cheese...High fat/low protein
Greek Yogurt...Perfection/high protein/no fat/low salt
Garden Veggie Burger...Holy crap on toast high salt!
Hamburger...does not matter, not giving it up
Fish...Not giving that up either

I will have to think about this later. I have to go shovel out my driveway.


Wet wet snow. Thank goodness my neighbor went out with the snow blower last night, or I would have been there all day. It would have been great exercise, if I didnt die that is.

Glug glug...Still drinking!


I was so tired last night, I went to sleep around 9 pm. I already had a nap at 10am for another nap. I think I will hit the hay for another little one before work. I have not slept well for over 3 weeks so I imagine that I need to catch up.


Sooo tired. Heavy lifting day, with lots of walking. Going to bed early, since I have to get up early tomorrow to go to work. Lucky me, its more of the same, but a longer day. Yeah! Kicker is, I was supposed to be off, but they needed help.

I posted a pic of me, in the Progress Pic page.  Hard thing to do, since I dont often let my picture be taken. I think the last one taken was over 2 years ago.


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