Saturday, 22 December 2012

Yup, Really. December 22,2012 *211.2

I am very surprised how well I am taking not losing weight. I have studied my body and its weird peccadilloes for a very long time.  I am a 100% sure that this is water weight from my Red Tide of Pain. My guess is (I hope to God), that in a day or two, that I will have a jump in weight loss. I say...about 5 pounds.

I have not been snacking, I have not cheated, I have not gone over my cals, I have not gone under my cals. I have been eating nutritiously.

The other option is that I have hit a plateau. I have lost weight a few  times and I seem to hit plateaus that correspond with how I gain weight. Here goes the idea. When I start regaining my weight, I seem to stay at a certain weight for awhile then jump up. When I lose weight, it goes the other way. There is one at 230, 210, 197, 180, 165, and 150. It is sad that it has happened enough times that I actually know and remember those.

The hardest one will be 197 lbs. That was my last one and I was there for a whole month, and I did P90x twice a day and walked for 2 hours every day. Nothing got my weight down. Looking back, I see that I was not eating enough, that I was exercising too much. I also realize that I was super muscular. Under all my fat, I was rock hard every where. I did not take that into account. That I was losing weight, but building muscle.

It will be interesting to see what the next few days brings. It will not be a deal breaker, because it does not matter if I dont lose 5 lbs in a couple of days. I am in for the long haul.

I do not lose faith or will power because I am not losing as much as I think I should
I will not snack on Christmas treats
I am in this for the long haul
I am proud of the effort I have put into my new goal

I have to start thinking what my New Years Resolution is going to be. Hmmm, maybe exercise everyday? Maybe 50 sit ups a day, or 50 squats, or both? Think think think.

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