Saturday, 15 December 2012

Damn Christmas party! December 15, 2012 *211.8 :(

I weighed in at 211.8 lbs this morning. I am a little obsessed that I didnt go down. But I knew this was coming. Its not like I can continue to loose a pound a day! Just have to convince my inner voice of that. Of course to make the day even more trying...I am going to my work Christmas party, and wow I do not want to go! I know I have to have cheat days, and try to live my life while I am on this journey. But feels too rickety, too new, fresh and easily broken. I am not stupid. I have been in this position before. All excited about losing weight, everything going relatively easy. I know what it feels like to hit a plateau and not be able to get through it.Then slowly loosing will power and interest in bettering myself.

I have included my son this time, and I am keeping this journal. I hope, strike that. I am very happy and committed to see this journey through, but like I said, this is just the start. To help me have a good idea of what I am getting myself into, I did a calorie count on the food that is going to be there. Its a small party, and we all wrote down what we were bringing. I am bringing a nacho dip, that is made out of sour cream, cream cheese, salsa and shredded cheese. Lets just say that just one pkg of cream cheese is over 900 cals! If I have a couple of dips it will be over 150 cals.

I was a little depressed about that.  I tried to back out of going to party, explaining that I was on a new DIET! and did not want to risk going. I told them about the cals of my dip, and they said something that made a light bulb go off. I am a very smart person. Really I am. Sometimes I get so caught up in my brain, that common sense does not enter it. You know what they said?  " dont eat it! There are going to be shrimp and veggie trays, eat from those!"

Sigh, brilliant isn't it? Duh, right I dont have to eat it.

I am not going to eat everything that is offered
I am strong
I am staying true to my diet because that is more important than food
I am strong
I can picture myself a smaller me

There is going to be some drinks, and I have done a calorie count on that too. I am going to bring my own egg nog (light) and some skim milk. I wont be making a big production of it, since I am bringing a bag with my dip and chips.

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