Saturday, 8 December 2012

More positve Mojo December 8, 2012

Did really good today. Still have to get through the evening. Fighting the urge to go eat!!!! I am going to have to give up my timmies. I want to eat my calories instead of drink them.

I look good
I keep positve
I do not have a hard time loosing weight


K,   I succumbed at 7:30 tonight. I ate a chicken drumstick and veggies. I was feeling kind of bad about it, but I  Logged in my food for the whole day, and  I was only 100 cals over. Yippee for me.


Yeah me!  I think I will clean the kitchen before I even eat. Nah that doesnt make sense.  Make supper, make a plate for me and my son. Then put away the left overs! Out of sight out of mind. Anyways I feel hungry a bit, but I am playing mind games with myself. Goes like this. Oooo I feel hungry! Hahaha means you are loosing weight! Right on! Good for you!

So everytime I saw myself in the mirror today I tried to be postive. I usually dont look for one thing. If I do, I say shitty things, like holy fuck! Or damn you look fat. Or that cant be me :(  So today when I saw myself, I said things will look better tomorrow, cause you are working so hard today. Its ok Josee, imagine what a difference 10 lbs will make. By Christmas you will have lost 10 lbs and you will be very proud of yourself! You can do it! Seriously I was saying that all day.

I can do this
This is not impossible
I am hungry, but I am not starving
I am not taking needless trips into the kitchen
I will not get depressed if I dont loose weight everyday
I will not snack at night!!!!!

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