Monday, 28 January 2013

Aha moment #2 January 28, 2013 *198.6

This past week has been a hard one, food wise. I have been nibbling a bit, and feeling STARVED! I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar. I have found a huge difference since I have cut out sugar and processed food. I no longer have spikes in my blood sugar and or feel faint. This past week though, I have felt relatively weak and faint.

I figured out why yesterday. I have cut out nearly all my carbs from my diet. I am not following a no carb diet. I have already done that to disastrous results. What I have done, is cut out all processed food. I eat Ryvita crisp bread for breakfast with laughing cow cheese, with an egg white omelet and prunes. Everyday! It covers all the food groups, is my largest meal, and it sets me off to a great day, diet wise.

I ran out of Ryvita a few days ago, so my breakfast has been chicken bacon, one egg and prunes. Lovely breakfast, very yummy. I go to work and wow, I am starving to the point that I started to really question my diet.

I went grocery shopping this morning, and bought Dutch Rusks. I had a couple with laughing cow cheese. I was so busy today, that I never ended up eating anything else til around 1. Then I had a couple more. My total calorie intake was 300 calories. I was not hungry or faint. Now I realize some of it was being busy, but I am hugely busy at work too. What was different today?

Yup, you guessed it. Carbs. It makes enough a difference that I was feeling faint when I didnt even have the little I was allowing myself. I eat lots and lots of naturally occurring carbs though. Sweet potatoes/ squash/ any and all veggies.

So though it was a hard week diet wise, I had two AHA moments. 1. I eat when I am anxious, and 2. that I feel faint and super hungry when I dont allow a little bit of carbs in my diet

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