Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!! January 1, 2013 * 206.0

Happy New Year! It is officially January 1st 2013! How cool is that? I weighed in at 206.0 lbs this morning. This means that I start the New Year in a great place. I am soooo glad I started my diet when I was pumped. Who knows if I would have been pumped today?

Today I am not depressed that I gained weight over the holidays. Today I am not depressed that I could have done better. Today I am not depressed that I am starting a new diet. Today I am not depressed that I made a resolution to exercise everyday.

On the other hand, Ugh... I have to start my New Years Resolution. I have promised myself, that I will exercise everyday. I created a page, much like my Scale Obsession one, where I have 365 days listed. I will type what I did and for how long. How many times will I update it? You guessed it...everyday.

I have to walk/jog/dance/ workout video for at least  20 minutes or do body weight exercises for  10 minutes. In rain or shine. In sickness or in health. No matter what. I think I will also note if I hard time getting motivated, or how I felt that day. It will be like a mood/exercise page. Hmmm interesting.

For example, today I feel like a lazy pile of crap. I do not feel like doing a damn thing. I know I have to get up off my ass to go walk. Big double blah. Here goes my positive reinforcement mojo.

I love to exercise
I exercise everyday
I dont find excuses to not exercise
My dog loves it when I take him out for a walk
I love walking
I love walking outside
I love how I feel after I exercise


My puppy Milo
Holy shitake, I had to force myself to go. It was -11 and very windy. Brrrr. Milo was very happy to go for a walk. I only ended up walking for 20 minutes. That means I have to go back out for another walk, or I can do some body weight exercises. I will see how I feel later. I have to go to mom's for supper and help her take down her tree.

She plans on eating tacos, and there is no way in hell I am eating that. No way! I made myself Shrimp Salsa. Nom Nom Nom. It is shrimp, tomatoes, onion, parsley, bit o salt, olive oil (itty bitty) and lime juice.   Cal count on that is 291. Not bad.


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