Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Birth of my Goal January 22, 2013 *200.00

 A few months ago, I decided I needed to get back on the diet track. I wanted to be accountable to more than just myself. So I decided to rejoin WW. I walked out after they wanted me to pay 60 bucks to rejoin, not including the 18 dollars per week! Forget that. I went home and started thinking about what I really wanted.

I wanted a New Years Resolution that would change my life
I wanted to lose weight
I wanted to write a food diary to monitor what I ate
I wanted to weigh myself daily so I could learn more about my body
I wanted to write a daily diary
I wanted to read about other people going through the same things as I was
I wanted to organize my life
I wanted to read articles that make me think
I wanted to be held accountable
I wanted to not be alone in my struggles

I started to do some research. How do I go about tying all of these ideas together? Hmmm. I keyed in online diary and my blog was born!  Now my NYR. I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to fix/change/didn't like about myself.

I was fat
I was out of shape
I smoked
I ate too much
I never went out
I had no energy
I never had anything nice to say about myself
I am single
I am isolated (within myself)
I am not happy
I am sad that my son is embarrassed to be seen with me

What single thing could I change about myself that would make the most difference? Lose weight! Nearly everything led back to being overweight. Ok so I found out my root problem. I know I am a genius. What was next?

A goal. I decided to think big (pun intended). I want to lose 100 lbs by end of 2013. Wow! Lofty goal. What did I have to do to get there? Well pretty much everything.

I quit smoking
I stopped eating every single minute
I started counting all my calories My Fitness Pal (I am madijo41 if you want to friend)
I started to research what I should eat
I wrote and read positive thoughts (my blog)
I started to plan my meals Fit to the Finish
I thought of ways to add more and more veggies in my day
I started to cut back on my pills (anti depressants and social anxiety)
I drank lots and lots of water
I cut out pop (at son's request)
I cut out sugar/salt (again at son's request)
I found a blog on clean eating 100 days of real food
I started to exercise Girl Heroes
I found recipes to make that were good for me (too many to list)
I started to walk or exercise every day (NYR)
I started to weigh myself every day (Scale Obsession Page)

 I am now 21 lbs down, with a total of 50+ lost (since 2011).  Only 80 more to go.


  1. Congratulations on making a commitment to YOU and for already doing so well. You are making all the right decisions - awesome!

    1. Thank You very much! It means a lot to me that you think so.


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