Saturday, 19 January 2013

Holy crap on toast! January 19, 2013 *201.00

Gee wiz! I weighed in at 201.0 lbs. I had to take my mini goal achieved off my home page. Thank goodness I had not used my goal award yet. I will reserve that til I have been at 200 lbs a couple of days. I know it is Aunt Flo that is screwing up with my scale. She is such an evil Bee-otch!

Anyhoo...I am off today. That has not happened in a very long time. I think I may go watch The Hobbit! Love me some Hobbits. I re-read the LoTR series every year. I made my kid dress up as Dumbledor...just Gandolf, and the next year as Frodo. After that he was Captain Jack Sparrow, and Harry Potter. When I could not force him into the costumes I wanted, I started naming my pets after my favorite characters.

I had Frodo and Samwise love birds. I had a cat named Harry. I called one of my dogs Bronx, (Gargoyles the cartoon), cause I saved him from the bad streets. I tried to name my English Mastiff Atticus, but no one knew who that was. Sad! Then I wanted to call him Wolfgar, then Kitty. Can you see me calling my 200 lbs puppy... Here Kitty Kitty!


 Well well well!  Two pieces of good news. Went to the movies AND I did not eat any junk food! I am actually way under (too much under) my daily allotment. We went to the 4 o'clock show. Too early for supper and it was a three hour movie. By the time we got home and finished all our doggie walk/driveway shoveling it was too late for supper.

Its 9:30 at night and I follow the rule of no eating after 6 pm if at all logically possible. I am not starving and I don't feel deprived so I will let it be for tonight. If it happens again, I will just have to plan better. I don't go out often so I don't think it will be a problem.

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