Monday, 14 January 2013

Working hard January 14, 2013 *203.2

I weighed in at 203.2 lbs. No surprise at all. I will probably gain a little more until my period shows up. Sigh. I am so glad I am obsessive about weighing myself every morning! I would be depressed otherwise. Now I have last months info to study and see that this is normal for me.

I had to work really hard for those 2 pounds last week. Well its not like I dont work hard every week, but last week I felt a little out of control. My heart was in the diet game all week, but my head was not.

My work is going through a change right now, and I dont like change at all. It will be temporary, and stressful. My mom is going away for 3 months too. I dont like that either. Geez I am a negative person today...grrrr.

I have to go to work early and I dont want to. Waaaa  Waaaa.

I started another blog, and it is going to be dedicated to my gardens. I called it, wait for it....My Dog Patch Eden. I am pretty excited about it too.

I went for a 40 minute walk yesterday, and it was great. I went up and down the streets in my neighborhood. It ends up being a great work out, because the streets go are all on a hill. So about half of the walk is uphill, and yup you guessed it, the other half is downhill.


Gotta go get ready for work.


Well I am back from work. I am tired, cranky and whinny. Did I mention tired and whinny? I would normally make myself some comfort food right about now. Hmmm hands down, my all time favorite comfort food would be macaroni and canned tomatoes. Sounds weird, but my mom and I lived on the stuff when I was younger. Supper cheap and easy to make.

I am staying away from all comfort food, and pretty much all white stuff. I made myself some Shrimp Salsa for supper...nom, nom, nom. Should be interesting tomorrow. TMI time!



  1. Good for you on resisting unhealthy comfort food! I know how tempting that can be - believe me! I hope you had a great day today.

    1. It was a tough one, but each one under my belt (get it?) makes the next one easier!


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