Saturday, 5 January 2013

Don't...wanna...move...January 5, 2013 *204.6

Still 204.6 lbs, and all I want to do today is sleep. I have no motivation to move, or be active or be seen. I have already gone for one nap today, and want to go for another one. Luckily I have to go to work, or I would be crawling back into bed. I also forced myself to go shovel my driveway. The only reason I did was because I made a promised myself to exercise at least once a day. I swear that is the only reason why I even moved out of bed.

I do not even feel like writing in my blog today. One good thing though...I never once felt like cheating or slipping or ignoring my diet. So all in all, even though I am acting the slug, I am very proud of myself.

Until tomorrow.


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