Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January 15, 2013 *203

I weighed in at 203 lbs today. Like I said...the countdown is on. I cant stress how much I am learning about my body and my moods. Simply by paying attention and writing down everything I eat and weighing myself everyday. Most of the stuff I already knew, but it was more nebulous. Now I have concrete evidence, and it will only get better and more detailed as time goes on.

I remember my last failed diet attempt. I lost it because I just kept on gaining weight, or so I thought. I weighed myself every week. Never really noticed any big changes. So imagine if I was bloated on my weigh in day. Or the week before my period (like this week), or any number of reasons  why you weigh more one day then the next.

I admit I am more dedicated (strict?) this time. I am an emotional eater, and anytime I weighed myself and didn't see a difference, or had a weight gain, that day would become my cheat day. So the rollercoaster would begin.

I don't do cheat days now. I don't have the right mind set for them. I am an all or nothing kind of gal. If I start of with a cheat in the morning, by night I will have eaten a cow!

I plan my meals  using myfitnesspal. I plan my week of meals using a menu planner. I count everything that goes into my mouth...no  lying or fudging about anything. Then I just follow my diet.

Some days are harder then others. Sometimes I want food food food, then some times I am like...meh. I like the  calorie shifting  theory, so I work that into my plan. If I dont feel like eating much or I am not walking around like a famine victim, then that will be one of my low calorie days. Yesterday was one of my higher calorie days. It keeps my body from getting used to the diet and hopefully will not stutter to a plateau.


Today ended up being a gorgeous day outside. I think it was only -7, and hardly any breeze. Perfect day for a walk, so that is what I did.


I gotta go pick up my mom's dog Peanut, who is going to live with me for 3 months.  The next week will probably be a little stressful. I already know Peanut and Milo get along, but they never stop playing. Sigh...I love my quiet time. I think my next blog post with be about Peanut.

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