Thursday, 3 January 2013

Water... January 3, 2013 *206.2

I weighed in at 206.2 today. I am a little disappointed, but really I know I am down a bit more than that. I love that I am weighing myself everyday. I feel more in control of my 'diet' this way. I do not let my weigh ins control my mood at all. I was kind of scared I would. I get a little disappointed, obviously. At the same time this is helping me learn my body. 

I know I have not been drinking as much water as I should. I think I will do a schedule for myself about that. Yes I am anal like that. Hmmm one before breakfast then some green tea with breakfast. One before lunch, one with lunch. One before supper, one with supper. Ok that makes 6. That is doable. I can drink two during the evening, making a total of 8. Rock on!

I decided to go over my diet plans, and everything I am doing right or wrong. Here is a list of all the good things:

I stay under my daily calorie allowance
My meals are planned and well thought out
I eat fruits and veggies, dairy and protein
I have cut out all white stuff, like sugar/salt/bread/cereal/pasta/rice
I do not eat sweets/treats/pop
I look at all the food that goes in my body
I take a long time to eat my food/take breaks as I eat if I need to
I check cal/salt/sugar/protein amounts
I check labels to see if item as fructose, or unpronounceable ingredients
I drink herbal/green tea
I make all my meals from scratch
I use no salt ingredients
I use Pam to cook with
I do not snack or cheat
I do not graze/taste my food as I cook
I never give into temptation

Now for the things I need to work on:

More exercise/planned
Better sleep schedule
More exercise
More water
Stop thinking life will be better as soon as I lose weight!


I checked my BMI score, and using my weight of 206 lbs my new BMI is 33.2.  Put that into perspective. A BMI between 30.0-34.9  puts you in the obese class I.  Which is awesome when you think of it. When I started last month I was Obese class II! I input different weights to find out how much I needed to lose before I was in the overweight class. I have to be 185 lbs. Groan. Another 20 lbs before I am not considered Obese, just overweight. 

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