Thursday, 31 January 2013

Giving up is not an option January 31, 2013 *197.7

I have been feeling a little down (not giving up!) for the past couple of weeks. Partly because of the my weight staying stuck in one spot. The other would be my life away from the blogosphere (4 freakin animals and one teenager, in my 625 sq. ft. house!). I know most everyone suffers from the same thing every now and then...blah blah. 

Someone left me an amazing comment on my Fixing Me : Gosh darn it! January 29, 2013 *199.0 post. It hit home in such a profound way, that it left me reeling! Here is the exact comment:
"I learned to look at plateaus like a practice for maintenance. Keep doing what you know you should and the scale will begin to move again!" This concept may seem simple, or it may not hit you the same way as it did me.

One of my biggest concerns is that I will gain all my weight back after I have lost it all. If I learn to look at my plateaus as practice then...WOW! To me this is brilliant, and just what I needed to hear.

I hate to sound like I am brown nosing, or playing it up, but I have to say one of the blogs that affects me the most in my journey has to be hands down Fit to the Finish. I read her  (Diane's) posts and they speak to me. Looking at things the same way all my life has not helped me lose weight. I take her posts and try to see my behaviors/actions/thoughts/ activities in a new way. Then take that information and change my behaviors/actions/thoughts/ activities to reflect that.

Well, I am off to work.


  1. I think everybody goes through a plateau phase in their weightloss journey..when my weight was stuck it was so frustrating, I love what you say about it helps with maintaining weight..never thought of it that way before.All I did was change my routine..I switched to interval training (sprints and jogs) instead of constant jogging and I also changed my diet for a week..I played around with the calories (1 day 1200 the next 1500 back to 1000) helped my scale to get moving again... :)

    1. Plateau = Maintenance was a lifesaving idea for me. That is not to say that I dont do everything I can to get off the plateau though! I use calorie shifting and change my exercise routine too.


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