Monday, 7 January 2013

Mini goal reward January 7, 2013 *204.0

I weighed in at 204.0 lbs. I admit I got on and off a few times to make sure. My new scale never ever changes its mind! Darn it all. I bought a star tongue piercing a couple of years ago. I bought it with the intention of using it as a mini goal reward. The goal? To get under 200 lbs aka onederland. I have never worn it. I took it out yesterday, and smiled. I am finally going to wear it! Maybe not this week or next, but I will get to wear it soon. I figure before January is done.

I have some other vague mini goal ideas, nothing that really jumps out at me. All of them seem to lean towards tattoos. I don't really have the money to get a tattoo every ten pounds, so I will have to rethink idea.

Like I said a few posts ago, I have switched to egg whites for breakfast. I hate to say this, but I actually...kind of like them.

I fry up an onion, then spoon on 6 tbs=3 egg whites, on top of them. I flip to cook the other side and voila! I like making the same breakfast every morning. It makes me feel in control, weird I know. I have ryvita multi grain bread, with eggs, laughing cow cheese and some prunes. It is a balanced meal, covering all the food groups. Everytime I eat it, I can feel myself getting into the right mind frame for the rest of the day.


I went to work today, and OMG I was crazy hungry all day! I stayed true to my diet, but holy shitake it was a hard one! I also have to add that my son decided to make brownies for the first time ever tonight. WHY?! I had a chewie corner of one. My first cheat since I started. Oh well, it had to happen some time.

I also have to go exercise before I go to bed. I did not have a busy day at work, and it is too freakin cold to go walking tonight. UGH, I have to go do some body weight exercises. Actually, I have to go do them right now. It is getting pretty late, and I have to do them before its officially tomorrow. Damn you New Years Resolution!


Phew...all done.


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