Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Peanut January 16, 2013 *201.6

This post will be about my mom' s dog Peanut. No weight stuff at all.

For years my mom had talked about having a dog. It was never the right time, blah blah. I decided to get her a puppy for her birthday while she was doing her annual snow bird imitation. I would buy the puppy and raise it for a few months, then when she came back she would have a trained dog.

Milo and Peanut the second day

I found a litter of Shorkies (Yorky/Shitsu) with one male left. When I brought Peanut home, he whimpered when he saw Milo for the first time. He soon got over that when he realized Milo already loved him.  As you can see, by the second day they were insperable. I called up mom and told her I would get her another dog and I would keep Peanut. No go. Mom was in love too.
Milo checking on his stuffed beaver toy

Aww, Milo keeping an eye on Peanut. What you dont see is Milo reaching ever so gently into the basket and taking his toy back and leaving the room.

Peanut never left Milo behind. They ate, slept, played and drank together. You could not take one with out the other. My mom came home in April and away went Peanut. Both dogs were upset, but I kidnapped Peanut often in the beginning, then less as Peanut got super attached to my mom.

Milo and Peanut
Milo and Peanut
Milo and Peanut in the car
As of this January 2013 Milo weighs 200 + lbs and Peanut weighs 20+ lbs.
Milo and Peanut on my veranda 2012
Peanut 5 lbs and Milo 165 lbs


 It is now a year later and they are back together. I will update with new photos if I can get them to lay still for a few minutes.

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